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Raised by a music-obsessed father (and a patient mother) who transformed the family’s spare room with a 3,000-strong record collection, it is hardly a surprise that Duncan Spencer’s music is a melting pot of genres and influences. He sings of heartbreak and hope, of hardship and history and wraps it in the best of Indie, Folk and Rock. 

Although he cites Tom Waits and Nick Cave as key influences, Duncan Spencer’s literate songwriting is perfectly suited for modern times. Since making his official debut in 2019, he has been steadily gaining acclaim for his intricate storytelling and expertly crafted songs. 

Duncan Spencer has an uncanny ability to find beauty in life’s most difficult moments.  The characters in his songs are frequently haunted by their pasts, struggling to find redemption in an unforgiving world.  And yet, his songs remain strangely cathartic and hopeful, as demonstrated on his latest release ‘Postcard Memories.’

Like the best of Spencer’s songs, ‘Postcard Memories’ balances a bleak worldview with an ever-present sense of romance and mystery. It is a track that speaks directly to our times from a songwriter with a vital perspective on the modern world.

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