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Raised by a music-obsessed father (and a patient mother) who transformed the family’s spare room with a 3,000-strong record collection, it is hardly a surprise that Duncan Spencer’s music is a melting pot of genres and influences. He sings of heartbreak and hope, of hardship and history and wraps it in the best of Indie, folk and rock. 

Although he cites Tom Waits and Nick Cave as key influences, Duncan Spencer’s literate songwriting is perfectly suited for modern times. Since making his official debut in 2019, he has been steadily gaining acclaim for his intricate storytelling and expertly crafted songs. His latest track Serafina is a perfect example of what makes the young writer so special.

Inspired by our recent ‘return to normal,’ the song is a reminder of the connection and excitement we’ve all been missing. “The song is inspired by a late night walk in London,” Duncan says. “Passing by the pubs, you could see the manifestation of months of loneliness and lack of intimacy forced on many. You could feel the high levels of infatuation. It was like people had months’ worth of oxytocin coming out in one hit. 

While we’re not fully back to normal, ‘Serafina’ perfectly expresses the thrill of romance and seduction. It is an instantly memorable track from a songwriter with an uncanny ability to speak to the absurdity of the modern era. 

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